About Us

In December of 2015, Matt Kuntz was frustrated about finding out-of-state treatment centers for Montana families. He had been in the situation himself and had worked with numerous other families as NAMI Montana’s Executive Director that had to make major treatment decisions, possibly without insurance coverage, that would affect their family’s life and finances. Matt envisioned a website like TripAdvisor that would both show people possible treatment locations, but also would have reviews of those facilities from (1) people who’d received treatment there, (2) families or loved ones of people who received treatment there, or (3) clinicians or medical navigators (like NAMI staff) who had served people who had received treatment there.

Matt was hopeful that the website could be started with donations and then supported through advertising revenue. Jon Foxman of the Family Support Foundation for Mental Illness (FSFMI) loved the idea of the review website and agreed to host it as part of FSFMI's services to families affected by mental illness.  The project has been bootstrapped with generous donations from NAMI Helena and NAMI Bozeman, because of the critical need to find information about treatment centers outside Montana for their families.

Treatment Scout is ready to share with the world and we hope to slowly build a vibrant community that will help inform the treatment decisions of thousands of people so they can achieve recovery.

Thank you for joining us on this journey,

Treatment Scout and the Family Support Foundation for Mental Illness