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Center for Hope of the Sierras

3740 Lakeside Drive Suite 201 Reno, NV 89509

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Center for Hope of the Sierras
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I truly wish I could give this place a good review because they have the potential to help people, but I simply can't. There are two issues here; professionalism and billing. I was attending this facility for several months before a traumatic event caused me to attempt suicide. I have never been treated so coldly in my life by supposed 'professionals'. Imagine calling from the hospital that you are locked in for at least the next 72 hours begging CFH to call the hospital to provide a statement of my character. I was ignored and lied to multiple times by Sadia that my therapist, Christine, was 'busy'. She wasn't 'busy', as I later learned. After a few days the hospital I was in finally got ahold of Christine. My case worker stated to me that they were ignoring my calls because I had gone AMA (against medical advice) and discharged from the Center. This is true, you literally can't be admitted to two treatment centers at once, so when I was committed, Aetna cut off my coverage at the Center. I was livid. I had been calling them multiple times a day in tears begging for their help and been lied to over, and over, and over. I have also been asking for my medical and billing records for months, which Sadia has also ignored. My lawyer will be sending a subpoena over since providing me with my own medical & billing information seems too difficult of a task for them to complete without a legal action. And finally, I am at my out of pocket max for the year and will be until June, yet I just received a $700 bill from them. This place truly has the potential to help people, but they aren't there yet. Until they get an office manager that actually holds the employees here to a professional standard, this place will do more harm than help. If you are seeking assistance with your eating disorder, I would suggest finding a therapist on your own.

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                                            Inpatient or Residential Mental Health Treatment
    Inpatient or Residential Mental Health Treatment
    Inpatient Mental Health | Mental Health
    Inpatient or residential mental health treatment. Inpatient treatment is the most intensive level of treatment, offering 24-hour care in a secure unit of a treatment facility or hospital. Residential treatment is a step down from inpatient treatment. While there is structure and some monitoring to treatment, the big difference between residential and inpatient treatment involves the setting in which it is carried out. While inpatient treatment is typically carried out in a treatment facility or hospital, residential treatment is usually carried out in more of a home-like environment.
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